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Now offering the new Frontius Symo range of 3 phase inverters


The product innovations from Fronius continue with the launch of the new Symo range of smarter, lighter and more flexible three phase inverters. Available from 3kW through to 20kW, these transformerless dual MPPT inverters are suitable for systems of every size. The Symo range is packed full of impressive features such as their Energy Management […]

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Non Authorised Distributor Warranty


A PV component manufacturer has recently announced that it will not honour warranty claims arising from products sold by an unauthorised distributor. This serves as a warning to solar installers across Australia to ensure that goods purchased for installation are distributed by an authorised wholesaler, and fully covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Solar Edwards Adelaide […]

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Clean Energy Regulater Update


The Clean Energy Regulator has welcomed 2014 with news confirming Australia has now installed more than two million small-scale renewable energy systems, under the Renewable Energy Target. This comes only eight months after reaching one million rooftop solar installations, providing a strong indication that investment in small-scale renewable energy continues to flourish in Australia. Assisted by […]

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Degridation Study Test Results


REC as a manufacturer asked us to remove a set of panels that were installed 3.5 years ago on a property at Swan Reach to take part in a global test of their solar panels in real world conditions. REC was after real life samples from a hot and dry environment making the site at […]

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More Power From Solar Edwards Adelaide and REC

Solar Edwards Adelaide have secured one of the first shipments of the peak performance REC 260PE panels. The REC Peak Energy Series solar panels deliver more power per square meter due to several design improvements. Introduction of three bus bars and improved contact between the cell and metal fingers, improves the electrical flow. Committed to sustainability, REC […]

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Third party findings confirm superior REC quality

Global engineering consultancies Black and Veatch and Mott Macdonald have carried out performance and bankability studies on REC‘s integrated manufacturing plant in Singapore. The audit included (but was not limited to) REC’s quality management system, supplier control, warranty conditions and system field performance. These extensive audit reports have been successfully utilized to secure debt financing […]

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Leading Norwegian Institute Reports Low Leaching Of Toxicants From REC Panels

The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) has conducted laboratory studies on a REC panel to determine the leaching values lie within the limits for disposal at a landfill for ordinary waste. In accordance with Norwegian waste regulations standard characterization tests were conducted to determine the appropriate waste stream for the panels. REC’s preferred method of disposal […]

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Peak Energy Panels Put To The Test In Australia’s Desert Conditions

REC have energised a 5.5kW array at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre (DKASC). This test site enables performance of the array to be continually monitored in a hot, dry environment against many of the leading industry brands. REC has installed the award-winning Peak Energy 250W panels and plan to use the data to demonstrate […]

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Adelaide Oval Redevelopment

Solar Edwards Adelaide have been successful in procuring the order for the Hot Water Plant at Adelaide Oval, with a design criteria of 25000 Litres / Hour Recovery and 10000 Litres of Storage. Solar Edwards Adelaide have made the first delivery to site, Two LEX 500 hot water cylinders, providing 10200 Litres of Storage. Along […]

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REC Demonstrates Strong Performance In Hot Indian Conditions

As part of an initiative to continuously monitor field data and study the performance ratios of plants throughout the world, REC has analysed recorded data from a well-maintained site at Pandit Deen Dayal University (PDPU), located in the sun-drenched north west corner of India. The study showed the REC panels have outperformed the predicted yield […]

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New solar hot water system, Edwards GXC Hot/Warm water cylinder

Solar Edwards Adelaide have developed a new solar hot water system, utilising the Edwards GXC Hot/Warm water cylinder. The system utilises all the advantages of the Edwards Indirect Heat Exchange hot/warm water systems and the Indirect Heat Exchange solar contribution systems. The system can be supplied with a Commercial Continuous Flow or Heatmate gas burner […]

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Domestic solar hot water

Save 50–85% Of Hot Water Energy Use* A Solar Edwards stainless steel hot water system is an excellent environmental and financial investment. It can significantly reduce fossil fuel energy use and consequent pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Not only are you helping the environment by installing a Solar Edwards stainless steel solar hot water system, […]

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