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Case Studies.

A+ year 12 Research Project on Viability of Solar Energy:

Research Outcome

"Solar Energy as a Viable Energy Source"
In today’s society, new forms of energy are everywhere as our current non-renewable coal is rapidly running out. Solar energy has emerged as one of the most popular but many people still have their doubts. Which is why the question emerges, is solar energy a viable energy source for our future?

To answer this question, it is important to explore the issues surrounding the cost of solar panels, the angle and direction of roofs and solar hot water and the phase out of electric stored systems, and from within that, what the challenges are that consumers within the McLaren Vale region face when it comes to solar energy…

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Parliament House, North Terrace, Adelaide

The Systems

Hot Water System
2 x Edwards Hot Water GXC 50 / Heatmate 250 Hot Water Systems.

Constructed from a special grade of steel the cylinders are designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 99° on a continual basis…

Solar Contribution System
1 x Edwards Hot Water LEX 120 / 14 Panel Solar Contribution System

Edwards has over 40 years experience in hot water applications and have created a true commercial solar system. This system uses a single storage tank and differential controller to harness all the energy available in the solar panels.

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Repatriation General Hospital

Steam Rationalisation Project

The Department of Health and the Repatriation General Hospital (RGH), are vitally interested in managing their energy cost and overheads, as well as meeting their greenhouse abatement target of a 25% reduction within their operations prior to 2014.

Monthly gas consumption per floor area graph compares gas energy saving in 2005/06 against 2000/01 fi nancial year. RGH has achieved a reduction of 37% gas energy reduction per floor area in 2005/06 when compared to 2000/01…

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