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Upgrading Existing Equipment.

LEX Series

Using the highly efficient heat transferring properties of an anti-freeze fluid (Glycol) to transfer the absorbed heat to the water indirectly. The potable water does not pass through the panels but is circulated. This system is not only suitable for frost prone areas as it can resist temperatures of below -15°C without electrical or mechanical means

Options to suit every purpose

Edwards can provide you with a commercial solar package ranging from 2 to 200 or more solar collector panels. The size of the system that bests suits your budget and the amount of solar contribution to save your running costs is accurately matched. This means you can maximize the return on your investment.

Instead of joining a number of tanks together Edwards has a single tank that is cost efficient to install. Edwards have various storage tank models and sized to suit the available plant-room space.


With the reduction of energy consumption the savings on some Edwards Commercial Systems, already installed, have had pay back periods of as little as 18 Months.

Combine the savings with the contribution to the reduction of green house gasses in to the environment and installing an Edwards Solar Contribution System demands consideration every time.