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Solar Hot Water Options.

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Replacing your old and often inefficient hot water storage tank is easy.

Australian designed & manufactured Edwards Solar Hot Water Systems offer a cost effective solution to gas or electric hot water systems. Free energy delivered by the sun to your new Edwards Solar Hot Water system will reward you with savings immediately.

Switching to solar energy will save the environment with an estimated reduction of 3 to 4 tons of CO2 emissions each year, equivalent to removing 1, 4 cylinder car from the road annually.

With the rising costs of electricity and gas, a high efficiency Edwards Solar Hot Water System makes sense and the system will pay for itself in a relatively short time. This will of course reduce your overall gas and electricity bills.


Solar Edwards Adelaide retails and installs only Edwards Hot Water Systems which are at the forefront of engineering excellence and state of the art solar hot water technology.

Edwards has been a well respected Australian manufacturer of quality Solar Hot Water systems for the past 47 years, where as a division of Rheem Australia, employs hundreds of Australian workers.

System Types

Edwards Solar Hot Water Systems

Edwards Solar Hot Water Systems are available as close-coupled, (thermosiphon on roof) systems, split systems with either gas or electric boost and heat pump systems, and are available in frost protected or non frost protected models.

All the on-roof tanks are manufactured with durable, high quality stainless steel, containing no sacrificial anodes and do not require a regular replacement. (A five year service for a lined steel unit is recommended and costs around $350.00 plus GST).

On-roof tanks are available in 4 colour-bond colours to match your roof.

Solar Edwards Adelaide supply and install only the highest quality systems available.

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10 Year Warranty

Solar Edwards now offer a 10 year warranty on L and LX Series roof-mounted, close coupled systems.

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Sunheat systems come in a range of options to suit almost every application and hot water requirement.

Made of glass-lined steel, the Sunheat range comes with a 5 year warranty.


The Sunheat open circuit system is particularly suited to areas which are frost free, without harsh water and are serviced by town water supplies. Because the sun heats the water directly in the solar collectors, these systems are the most efficient in terms of converting the sun’s energy into hot water.

The Sunheat closed circuit systems use a heat exchange fluid to pass the sun’s energy into the storage water. This method provides excellent protection against possible damage by frost or snow conditions, because the water is totally contained in the storage tank. Combined with the benefits of anode protection the Sunheat closed circuit systems can be used, with confidence, in a wider range of water quality areas.

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Sunheat technical specifications PDF