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Welcome to Solar Edwards Adelaide

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We are a local, Australian owned company with 20 years experience in the solar energy industry, in both domestic and commercial products.

We specialise in solar hot water and solar power grid connect systems. To find out more about all our solar products simply select an option from our menu.

At Solar Edwards Adelaide we offer a personal one on one service to all our customers and advise you on the solar energy options that will provide you with the best and most efficient results. We employ only experienced installers who are fully trained, appropriately licenced, accredited and dedicated to deliver quality workmanship and service.

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Why Choose Solar Edwards Adelaide?

Solar Edwards Adelaide is an award winning dealer, achieving Edwards SA Dealer of the year, receiving national recognition on numerous occasions.

We strongly believe in setting an example for a brighter, greener future and we are committed to minimising the impact on our fragile environment, embracing sustainable environmentally aware practices.

We are committed to delivering the most cost effective natural fuel efficient solar power and hot water systems available, to ensure that you receive the very best the sun has to offer.

REC Panels Stand the Test of Time

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Recently Norwegen solar panel manufacturer, REC Solar Company GmbH Munich, invited us to participate in their panel testing, using panels from a system that was installed on a Swan Reach property, three and half years ago. The entire string of panels from the site was forwarded to their production facility in Singapore where they were flash tested.

Based on the results of the Field Testing Program, REC Peak Energy Series panels showed great reliability and performance in real-life conditions.

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We are proud to recommend and install REC panels and as a REC Solar Professional, we can offer an additional two years on product warranty for rooftop installation up to 100kW, which means there is a 10 + 2 years warranty extension. As a REC Solar Professional we can look ahead with confidence, relying on the strength and commitment of this leading integrated manufacturer.

REC produces its own silicon, wafer, cells and modules, modules that are designed and engineered to the highest quality and standards and their financial strength and integrated structure makes them a long term player in the solar industry.

2013 saw the demise of many solar companies, often leaving both residential and commercial customers stranded without job completion. These events and the changes to feed in tariffs and government assistance has made the industry appear volatile and unprofessional and has only heightened Solar Edwards Adelaide commitment to be the best, cost efficient and product conscious solar system business in South Australia. We have nothing to hide, and were very keen and pleased to be a part of the REC field test, so that all our past and future customers know that we are serious about the industry, the quality of products we sell and the green future of this state.