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Solar Edwards Adelaide has been designing, manufacturing, selling and installing systems for:


Major metropolitan:

Flinders Medical Centre

  • 244 panel solar pre heat
  • 6660mJ or 1436 kW heating capacity for hot water

Modbury Hospital

  • 102 panel solar pre heat
  • 9300 ltrs per hour recovery warm water

Lyell McEwen Hospital

  • 200 panel solar pre heat
  • HEV 330/1000 fire and tube vertical boiler

Regional Country Hospitals from:


  • 70 deg hot water, 5 star energy rated internal continuous flow burners
  • GXC indirect heat exchange cylinders

Roxby Downs

  • Warm water system with U/V disinfection system
  • 4 Panel solar pre heat


  • 100%  mechanical and chemical frost protected 27 panel commercial solar pre heat system
  • 3100 litres per hour warm water delivery

Kangaroo Island Health Service, Kingscote

  • 20 panel solar pre heat
  • 162.6 kW gas backed solar
  • 300 litres per min warm water peak flow capacity

Major Sporting Facilities

Hot Water Plant, Adelaide Oval

  • 25000 Litres / Hour Recovery
  • 10000 Litres of Storage

Football Park, West Lakes

  • 8,384 litres in the first hour
  • EHX 115.2 kW Electric, 4,600ltr storage

Port Power training facility, Alberton Oval

  • 420 ltrs per min peak flow
  • HEV 330/1000 fire and tube vertical boiler

Adelaide Crows training facility, West Lakes

  • 5,900 litres per hour
  • HEV 95/490 gas forced draft burners

Apartment Blocks

Air Apartments, Green Hill Road

  • Mechanical Services waste heat reclaim.
  • 10,200ltrs stored thermal solar capacity

Place on Brougham, North Adelaide

  • 15,730ltrs first hour hot water
  • 20 solar panels pre heat

Altitude Apartments or Balfours Redevelopment sight, Adelaide

  • 24 panel solar preheat
  • Servicing 154 apartments

Government Buildings

Parliament House, North Terrace

  • 14 panel solar pre heat, hot water
  • GXC, Heatmate combination 2 storeys below the panels

Convention Centre, Adelaide

  • HEV 330/1000 forced draft gas burners
  • 10,700ltrs per hour recovery

Minda Inc, Somerton Park

  • GX Indirect heat exchange, gas boosted
  • Delivering safe Warm Water to all residences throughout the complex

Nursing Homes / Aged Care Facilities

Padman Health Care, Nambour Qld

  • 38 Solar Panel pre heat
  • 2790 ltrs recovery for 74 beds

Masonic Homes, Tiwi Gardens, Darwin

  • 86 bed solar pre heated hot and warm water
  • 3720 ltrs Recovery

Helping Hand Aged Care, Jamestown

  • SHX 100.8kW Electric backed 15 panel solar system
  • 3240 Litres first hour


Roseworthy School of Veterinary Science

  • 45 high performance solar panels with 5100ltrs solar storage
  • 5890ltrs per hour recovery @ 70C hot water, gas backed solar

Wirrieanda High School

  • Heatmate, SV storage
  • Hot water to Gymnasium showers

University of Adelaide, Adelaide Campus

  • Co-gen pre heat with 2209ltrs storage
  • 10,070ltrs Recovery per hour @ 65C hot water

Police Stations

Golden Grove Police Station

  • GXC, Heatmate indirect heat exchange hot water
  • 10 panel 1200 litres solar pre heat

Star Force Facility, Netley  S.A

  • 2,160 first hour with 1860 ltrs per hour recovery
  • 20 panel Solar pre heat


Constellation Wines, Buronga, NSW( Hardy Wines )

  • Skid mount portable 12 burner continuous flow gas package
  • 552kW potable and primary circuits available. Dual purpose usage.

Constellation Wines, Bay of Fires, Tasmania

  • Portable HEV skid Mount fire and tube boiler.
  • Delivered ready to commission


Monteith, SA. 600 Cows, Herringbone dairy

  • 1,200litres @ 80+deg  twice a day
  • 24 panel solar pre heat providing 80% of the energy requirement.

Caravan Parks

Mannum Caravan Park

  • 12 panel solar pre heat
  • 24 shower plus laundry ablution block

Hotels / Motels

Mawson Lakes Tavern

  • 5,850,first hour delivery with 4,650 continuous hot water @ 65C
  • 24 panel solar pre heat system.


BHP Olympic Dam, SA. (Laundry and change room facility)

  • 47,205 litres in the first hour @ 65C hot water
  • HEV 330/1000 x 9 LPG fire and tube forced draft systems.